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BAR Engineering
Corporate Identity

Refreshing their visual identity to one that truly represents our client and their work. 


BAR Engineering is an industry leader in the engineering sector in our community. They work with big clients on multi-million-dollar projects. BAR Engineering needed a major overhaul in their visual identity system to reflect this.

We needed to keep their existing BAR logo intact and their tagline. The rest was updated to reflect who they truly are: a bold and innovative company, with expertise in municipal, energy, and structural engineering. Upon understanding our client and their needs, we developed a vibrant, image-based look that we knew would stand out and differentiate them. We paired those images with harsh angles and lines to create a masculine and geometric feel to the design. This was flushed out to stationery (including business cards, letterhead, fax sheet, envelopes, notepads, calendar), their corporate profile, project profiles, retractable banners, a new website, and a large-scale advertisement in the Lloydminster Airport.

We are pleased to say that their brand looks current and refreshed. They have a brand that truly represents them and their work, and one they proudly stand behind.


Concept Development  |  Corporate Identity Design  |  Website Creation  |  Brand Strategy  |  Brand Development


Rebranding projects are really fulfilling when all the individual pieces are complete, and we get to show how it all comes together! Each piece is unique on its own, and it looks kickass as a whole.

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