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A new logo for this one-woman talent who wears many hats!


No autographs, please.

Billi J. Miller is a talented and inspirational woman. She wears many hats including: professional photographer, author and public speaker. She's written many amazing books (including Farmwives in Profile and Farmwives 2), generated an ongoing blog series focused on women called The Women Among Us. Plus, she’s taken all the photos to accompany these projects too! This woman  does it all.

When Billi came to us, we jumped at the opportunity to help refine her look. From concept development, logo design, to trade show assets, and a beautifully designed website, Billi now has everything she needs to go out into the world in-style.

Concept Development  |  Logo Design  |  Hand Lettering  |  Graphic Design   |   Website Design


A glimpse into the process of producing a hand lettered logo. A lot of thought goes into the style of the letter, flourishes, etc. Every detail is accounted for!

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