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Colonial Days Fair

Updating the visual identity of the Lloydminster Fair we all know and love.


There's a lot going on at the fair. The challenge? How do you effectively communicate this to a variety of audience members without it being messy or a collage? Solution: a hierarchical illustrated design! 

By moving away from real photos, and toward illustration, we were able to manipulate the art-board and adjust the scale of things to inspire imagination and draw people in. As you can see, we used a guitar for the main component and built a world of bull rides, monster trucks, and fair rides around it - oh, and don't forget the cotton candy trees too! This simplistic illustration tells a story and gives the audience a gist of the event that is about to take place versus diving into specifics (they can find that information online after all). 

For this project, we designed the overall look that flushed out into posters, digital and social media ads, billboards and bench ads, newspaper ads and the 'Passport' -- a document that highlighted everything there is to see and do at the fair that year.

This was a very fun project. We are honoured to be a part of one of our region's largest events!

Colonial Days_Graphics-01.png

Concept Development   |  Creative Director  |  Graphic Design  |  Brand Strategy  |  Brand Identity  |  Marketing

Colonial Days_Graphics-02.png

Trying something new. We love it when we can build something unique for each client - it doesn't get more unique than this design!

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