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A campaign to show all the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation does for our community. They do more than fund projects; they give hope to our region.


The #GiveHope campaign rolled out as part of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation’s rebrand in 2016. We worked in partnership with the organization to find local champions who would be willing to share their experience in Lloydminster healthcare. We interviewed each potential champion and worked with them on polishing their story on how the Health Foundation enhanced health care for them. A video and photo shoot were scheduled next, along with a strategic rollout via both digital and traditional platforms including social media, newspaper ads, local television commercials, radio and more.


Because of the Give Hope campaign, there is  a clear sense of the brand for the organization in the minds of both the donor and the public. There was also an increase in donations during a downturn, attributed directly to the campaign. This campaign was so successful in raising awareness and donations for the organization that, since the 2016 launch, we have produced nine #GiveHope stories, and continue to add more each year.


Concept Development  |  Creative Direction  |  Copywriting  |  Advertising  |  Video Production  |  Photoshoot  |  Graphic Design


The young and the old; patients and health care professionals; volunteers and donors - they are all affected by the different initiatives of the Health Foundation and we get to tell their stories! The importance of the work the organization does within our community really hit home for us while creating this campaign.

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