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Health Foundation Gala

50's-themed event creative for the 18th Annual Health Foundation Gala, an evening to raise funds for enhancing healthcare in our community.


Each year, the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation puts on a high-end, themed, fundraiser for the enhancement of health care in our community. We joined the team in 2018 as their creative sponsor and ran with it! The theme that year was Fabulous 50’s – a step back in time. 

Save the dates, invitations, tickets, and programs were developed along with numerous on-location signs, social media and digital graphics and more. Our favourite part? It’s certainly the photoshoot and concept development. We had a kick! 

Raising over $135,000 in one night for Project Sunrise, a mental health initiative, we were honoured to be a part of this worthwhile cause.  


Concept Development  |  Campaign Development  |  Photoshoot  |  Art Director  |  Graphic Design  |  Hand Lettering


There was a lot of preparation that went into this photoshoot! We carefully selected the wardrobe, hair and makeup, location, models and photography to ensure each detail fit with the concept. This attention to detail was crucial in achieving the beautiful and on-theme, finished product.

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