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Co-op Mini Chefs

A logo design for a new program by the Lloydminster & District Co-op.


We love kids!

When the Lloydminster & District Co-op asked us to design a new logo for their Co-op Mini Chefs program, it thrilled us. This hands-on program helps teach budding chefs how to cook delicious meals (with a parent or guardian nearby).  They can even take home their creation to eat later if desired.

We worked with this amazing client on achieving a new look that was clean, fun and kid-friendly.


Concept Development  |  Logo Design  |  Hand Lettering  |  Graphic Design


Our most favourite part was the concept sketches. This was the initial part of the design process where we experimented with hand lettering, composition, and iconography - all the fun parts! Here are a few of those sketches:

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