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Pecha Kucha

Creative storytelling at it's best. 


Pecha Kucha is a presentation style centred on a theme. We were honoured to have designed all three concepts for Pecha Kucha in Lloydminster. The first year's theme: Raw.

For this design, we drew an authentic heart (verus a classic valentine symbol) that was dripping with blood as a woman's hand tightly grips it. To balance the dark feel of the image, we paired it with lighter and vivid colours and a bold black background. The theme of 'raw' was not only represented in the poster design very well, it was also seen in each presentation on stage. People bared their souls -- it was incredible to watch. Some were funny, and others you fought back tears when you listened to their stories.

We worked with the client on building posters, postcards, digital ads, social media graphics and social media management, ticket design and more.


Concept Development   |  Art Director  |  Graphic Design  |  Illustration  |  Marketing

Photo credit: Vasya Omelchuk


Being in the seats at the event itself. It was truly amazing. We laughed, we cried, we had all the feels!

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