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Simple Connections, Stronger Families

Building family resilience together with Alberta Health Services & YLL My Home.


It's the simple things that matter most. The small connections that make a big part of your own day or your child's upbringing. From taking an interest in things your partner enjoys or taking time to relax together, to enjoying a family walk with your dog, or even simply saying 'hello' to those people you pass by on the street - it truly is the small things that make a big impact. 

This interactive program aims to apply the research behind building resilient families to practice. When times get tough, it's our friends and family we turn to, so let's make these connections deep and strong.

This fun project included a lot of graphic design, illustration and client-provided-research to bring it to life. While it started in Lloydminster, this program is now taught across Alberta with many independent coalitions joining the ranks alongside Alberta Health Services. 


Concept Development  |  Illustration  |  Art Director  |  Graphic Design


We loved being able to dive head first into a creative illustration project that benefits our local community and a wider audience across the country!

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