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Three Trees
Tap + Kitchen

Designing more than just a look.


When you're tasked with creating a new logo and look for an already established restaurant - it can be a daunting task. Luckily, we love a challenge! The new name, Three Trees, pays homage to a specific location the owner would go with his family as a child at their family lake. It was our job to visually tie that story to this delicious, upscale-casual establishment.

We took the time to get to know the client and their story. From there, we built a logo by hand carving it and digitizing the stamped version of it. This not only gave it the look we wanted, but it also tied into the authentic brand more than a computer-generated textured-background ever could.

Once finalized, we began to rework their menu, interior window frostings, and entire visual identity systems package, including stationery.. Next, we designed a customized website and added Instagram to their social portfolio.

One of the best things, was seeing the community come together over the new logo design. We've seen the client’s friends build a customized table for them that has their new logo burned into it (which is  our new favourite seat in the house), along with many other wine glass trinkets and more.


Concept Development  |  Logo Design  |  Hand Lettering  |  Graphic Design  |  Website Creation  |  Brand Development


We loved being unplugged and getting our hands dirty, so to speak. To achieve the textured look that fit with their nostalgic, local, family-oriented story, we carved a stamp and block printed our final illustration. It was fabulous to produce so many different textures with this traditional process.

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