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YLL Men Matter

Breaking the stigma behind mental health struggles for men.


One-in-five Canadians are impacted by a mental health problem. In Lloydminster, that number grows to one-in-three. Studies show that men are also less likely to ask for help and are three times more likely to die by suicide, an alarming concern that YLL My Home worked with the community to address.

When probed, it was discovered that many men did not know how to take care of their mental health and therefore did nothing to better themselves, often turning to unhealthy behaviours to cope.

The #YLLMENMATTER campaign was born. Its goal was to highlight how men can take care of their mental health in positive and healthy ways. Men provided examples, and language and imagery were crafted to fit the target audience. This digital-first campaign then went onto print mediums including a toolkit for organizations to use in their workplace.

Today, not only has this campaign received a lot of local love – with over 75 community agencies and businesses hosting mental health toolkits to promote and share the #YLLMENMATTER initiative –  the campaign has also received provincial support and recognition.

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Our community has struggles, and mental health is one of those. We are proud to work with YLL My Home on this meaningful project to hopefully make a difference in the lives of others.

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